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The latest data

We have the largest pax actuals and recovery data database. Updated every. single. day.

Forecasting & Analysis

We are industry leaders in forecasting & provide in-depth accompanying analysis.

Unique Data Packages

Our range of data packages to tackle COVID-19 aren’t available anywhere else.

World Exclusive Content

A primary source of air passenger actuals updated every day.

Air4casts is a primary source of Airport Passenger Actuals in its own right. We are the largest collector of airport actuals in the world; the only organisation in the world to receive head counts every month from 1,500 airports. We are unique.

Verified headcount data from every airport in the world, covering 95% of total air passengers and updated every day is crucial to keeping pace with the effect of the pandemic and every moment of the coming recovery. We have it all.

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Uncertain Times

There has never been a more uncertain time for the travel sector, and our forecasts give users the power to orientate themselves and make decisions.

Looking Forward

Forecasting is a vital tool for decision makers and Air4casts has been working in this field for 30 years. Anticipate the recovery and get out ahead.

Reaction Time

Our forecasts are rerun now even more regularly than usual. Every update or change an airport experiences is taken into account within days.

Accuracy & Assessment

Air4casts operates within consistently and proven low margins of error and offers full risk pricing so you can assess this for yourself.

“The power of China’s authorities to control mass movement over the Spring Festival period is vividly illustrated by the Ministry of Transport’s daily passenger numbers…The MOT’s daily PAX numbers cover each of the different modes of transport and they are cleverly aligned to compare each day’s travel data with exactly the same day in the Lunar cycle in both 2020 and 2019.

The results are stark.”

Year of the Ox – the Year China Stayed Home | 23rd February 2021
Industry Leading Forecasters

A patented forecasting system rerun every week.

Our airport passenger forecasts are created in-house on custom software, driving out projected passenger volumes for every airport in the world, international, domestic and total, arriving and departing, with full risk pricing.

Up until the end of 2019, we reran our air passenger forecasts every month as standard, drawing on hundreds of millions of lines of back data. In response to the effect of the pandemic, we now reforecast every week, to take in every shift.

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Actuals are King

Actuals are a rare thing in travel data: hard, incontrovertible numbers. You cannot begin to analyse the reality of the sector without them.

Daily Updates

As soon as an airport declares its latest monthly actual to us, we upload them. Users have access to the latest figures the moment they’re ready.

React Instantly

Having verified figures for 1,500 airports updated every day allows you to react instantly to any event or change, strike while the iron is hot.

Go Further

With actuals for every airport in the world back to 1991 you can go further, building rankings, context, priorities and trends.

“The present forecast simply postpones the European upturn until later in the year but with significant in-built caveats surrounding the likelihood of further restrictions… As governments roll out their immunisation programmes they are likely to move to positions of citizen and investment protection, arguing the need to restrict inbound travel in order to safeguard the un-vaccinated population and their investments in medication: vaccination thus becoming a double-edged sword.”

Forecast Update February | 8th February 2021
The Recovery is Imminent

A new and unique COVID-19 Recovery Tracker.

Air4casts has launched a package specifically designed to track the pandemic’s effect on the travel sector and map its recovery.

The tracker analyses daily and monthly global data on government response, passenger numbers & growth, vaccination, case numbers, flight departures and more to help teams anticipate and analyse the recovery. The package will evolve constantly, with different metrics added as air passengers return and more questions arise.

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Our Recovery Tracker combines forecasts and back data to build a picture of the pandemic in travel which allows users to anticipate recovery in every market.


Our Tracker has a fully visual and graphic layout, in addition to data tables. Visualise Covid recovery data at the macro or micro level and through time.


Use our comprehensive record of the pandemic and our forecasts to make concrete plans and take advantage of every stage of the recovery.


Build a profound understanding of the variables which control, enhance or limit a travel recovery and use a range of travel data in this new context.

“The Travel Retail Index is formed of nine elements…It will change when government policies change and it is the contention of this briefing note that those policies will be vaccination-dependent though not always rationally constructed.

✓ the UK will be one of the main driving forces behind a European leisure travel recovery this summer…”

Will Vaccinations Hold the Key? | 12th February 2021
Expert Written Analysis

Daily and weekly written travel data analysis.

Data is the heart and soul of what we do, but it’s not all we do. Our experience and expertise make our view of data in context hugely valuable. We also know that analysing data from every angle and understanding its implications is hard work.

Air4casts writes daily and weekly analysis articles on the data we hold. We explore the latest actuals and trends, examine the latest forecasts and set them out. We look at nationality, demographic, route and retailer data, explain their derivation and limits, apply them to current affairs, dive deep and more.

Newscast Magazine
Context and Clarity

Consulting hard numbers is vital for any company, but understanding their context, pitfalls and what they mean for your business requires expertise.

Extra Detail

Our analysis unites data with the finer details, giving our users a multi-layered understanding. They profit from our expertise.


We believe our responsibility as data providers and consultants is not just to supply data, but to inspire our clients in how to apply that data to their work every day.

The Big Picture

Travel Data has relevance in an array of current affairs, in every market, culture and time period. We have the coverage and experience to help with this understanding.

“Whilst these Hainan December statistics are extremely encouraging there is a note of caution for the situation in January. Weekly air passenger statistics from Hainan’s biggest airport, Haikou Meilan, are showing signs of considerable easing.

In each of the four weeks of January the airport’s passenger counts have been significantly down on last year and declining as the month progresses.”

Hainan Sales Strong in December but Caution for January | 28th January 2021
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