Air4casts 2021 Recovery
Package Overview

The tracker analyses daily and monthly global data on government response, passenger numbers & growth, vaccination, case numbers, flight departures and more to help teams anticipate and analyse the recovery. The package will evolve constantly, with different metrics added as air passengers return and more questions arise.

Our subscriptions are all for unlimited users.

Our Recovery Tracker can be bolted on to any of our air passenger data packages.

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Air4casts Consultancy

Intuitive Design

Air4casts’ client websites are designed for any user, be they confident, experienced data users, or beginners. You can use your private client website to browse data, learn, look up figures, download data or build reports. And your Support Team is there 24/7 to do the heavy lifting for you.


Your team will have their own custom website on our server, as well as our iPhone App, Magazine, daily briefings, custom reports and Support Team to access their data.


Our Recovery Tracker covers the entire world, every country and every day of the pandemic, with data covering every airport in the world as well.

Actuals & Forecasts

Air4casts is a primary source of airport passenger actuals. Our tracker relies on both back and forecast data on passengers, and by country.


Our 2021 Recovery package takes data from every country in the world and every day of the pandemic, and gives macro views for context. Forecasts are daily too.


All Air4casts’ data is updated monthly at a minimum. All data in 2021 Recovery is re-processed or reforecast and uploaded directly to our servers daily.

Support & Training

Air4casts 2021 Recovery users can ask us for advice and technical support 24/7 and we recommend live training to all team members, from beginner to advanced level.

Air4casts 2021 Recovery
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Pricing and Subscription

A company can subscribe the Air4casts 2021 Recovery Tracker data package at any time. Subscriptions are on an annual basis for unlimited users.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can talk through your needs, budget and team experience level, and look through the package live online.

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