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Previewing at TFWA Cannes 2023
A multi-module package for the owners of Luxury Brands focusing on high net worth individuals, the luxury shoppers, from:



South Korea

Middle East

World Exclusive Content

Luxury brands and luxury travellers updated every month.

Air4casts is launching our most extensive multi-module package to date, tracking the luxury consumer, with locations and forecasts of high net worth individuals, in-terminal brand locations and product interest by city or country, to name a few.

Use verified, high-quality data to track the consumer from China, Russia, South Korea, the Middle East, and more: broken down by age, gender, their travel plans, search engine usage and even movement within the terminal.

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Quarterly Consumer Poll

A 1000 strong, multi-gender, random poll of affluent Chinese featuring data on their travel plans, what they bought and where they bought it, their view of the luxury brands they bought, along with much more. You can even ask your own questions today!

The Chinese Online

This module reports the daily, monthly, even hourly searches of a fully customisable brand & product list, by city and region in China. What is the Chinese consumer searching for while they travel? Where is your brand most popular in China?

The Competitors: Where are They?

Which brands have outlets in which terminal? Visualise the brand locations with custom terminal maps and footfall past the shop. Dynamic updating of boutique locations and media reach, from security to the gate.

High Net Worth Individuals

HNWIs in 424 cities & two asset bands: households and individuals. Data back to 2019 and forecast to 2025. Explore the effect of house prices on city wealth, and analyse Tier 2 individuals with disposable income.

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Industry Leading Forecasters

Luxury products and luxury consumers rerun every month

There has never been an easier way to follow the changing demographics, travel intentions and sale capacity for premium and high-end consumers in the Travel Retail sector. Now showing domestic terminal data and their potential.

Target the right terminal, the right location and the right advertising strategy for the best sales results. Take a step back and see the entire picture, from international terminal distribution to fundamental economic components.

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Domestic Sales

Track the big domestic terminals and the luxury brand potential. Also included: how important is Hainan shopping? Will Macau still be a big draw? How relevant is Hong Kong to this luxury mainlander?

The Target Terminals

Don’t miss a valuable boutique location! Identify the best terminal. Where are the current leading luxury terminals, the fastest growing terminals, the shrinking terminals? And does the consumer profile at a terminal match the offer?

Target Terminal Detail

Deep dive into the traveller profile by terminal, showcasing China HNWI forecasts to 2025 by month and within the total terminal context, including age and sex, the class of seat purchased, even the income band of the origin city.

“It’s the Economy Stupid”!

Air4casts presents the insights of its most experienced economists to help you make the best decisions. We offer international & domestic departures, retail sales and consumer confidence audits, currency performance, demographics, unemployment and more.

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“…per Morgan Stanley — less than 1 per cent of customers appear to be driving almost two-fifths of sales in China’s biggest luxury malls.”

George Steer | Financial Times | 21st June 2023
Answering the question:
Are you in the right international and domestic terminals with your brands for the affluent traveller in 2024?
Would you like our help to target the Luxury Shopper as they travel?
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