Air4casts Consultancy

Consultancy Sessions

We run standalone data and analysis consultancy sessions tailored to you, in person and online.

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Our Consultancy Sessions are the perfect place to
profit from our expertise in travel data, get context, teaching, advice, use cases and the figures to underline them.
Consult Data

Data is at the forefront of any consultancy session, forming the basis for all discussion, decisions and training.

Learn and Understand

We are on hand during session to explore, explain and contextualise any data we look through, arming you with confidence.


With decades of experience in travel data and client work, we can help you to visualise how our data can lead you to your goals.

Data and Expertise

A rigorous process of data and guidance

Our consultancy sessions are thorough, tailored, friendly spaces where your team is in control of the direction we take. We will arrive at the session with a full and pre-agreed brief and we make sure to pack in as much content as possible.

We combine a comprehensive examination of the relevant data with over 30 years experience to give you full context and ensure you leave the session as experts and armed with everything you need. Sessions are run with minimum one senior member of our staff.

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Timing and Duration
Fully flexible and up to you

The length and timing of your session is completely up to you. Our consultancy sessions start from a 2 hour duration, and after that it’s up to you!

Where and How?
In person and online

After your session you’re welcome back any time, and we are here for follow up questions. You will receive tailored documents and materials too.

Session Content
Pre-agreed and tailored

Ultimately, the content of a session is up to you. We can cater to such a wide variety of travel data needs and can’t wait to hear about yours.

And Afterwards?
We take care of you

After your session you can return any time, and we are available for questions. You will receive tailored documents and materials too.


All you need to do to get started with an Air4casts Consultancy session is to get in touch with us. We can discuss your needs in detail, including the areas of data you are interested in, your team’s experience levels and your immediate goals.

Pricing depends on the length of session required.

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