Air4casts FactCheck

Air4casts is a multi source data supplier

Our decades of expertise mean we can help to verify and contextualise any kind of travel sector data.

We can verify the accuracy, error margins, ethics and implicit claims of any piece of data, and show you our working.


Sourcing, transparency and accountability are non-negotiable and we will ensure you have them when checking numbers.

Feel Confident

Having the full facts, understanding where they come from and how to check them yourself is the key to confidence.

Air4casts Factcheck
Air4casts Factcheck
Data and Expertise

A free service to help and guide

Our FactCheck service sprang from our decades-long commitment to data integrity, transparency and proper sourcing. Air4casts is a multi-source supplier and primary source of Airport Passenger Actuals in its own right, and as such, can get to the truth and origin of any piece of travel data.

We believe everyone should know whether the data they are using can be backed up with facts and fully sourced. Use this service free of charge to submit any piece of data and we will review, verify it, share our findings and advise you on what to do next.

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We just want to help

There’s no fee for this service. We want data accuracy to become an industry standard and businesses from every sector use us as a benchmark.

Nothing Off Limits
Send us anything

Any question or data type is valid. We can handle pretty much anything and you’ll receive friendly, thorough help. If we can’t help we’ll let you know.

Share what you can

The more detail we have from you the more help we can give you, but only share as much as you can. Air4cast offers full confidentiality for all users.

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We work fast

Air4casts is famous for our rapid response times for full time clients, but you’ll receive the same treatment. We know time is everything.

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You can use this contact form to get in touch with us if you’d like help checking and verifying some travel data you have. You must use a corporate email address to receive a reply, but you don’t need to disclose the data source.