980 International Airports With May Data

980 International Airports with May Data

980 International Airports with May Data

Air4casts’ subscribers may now access the May international actuals for some 980 airports and:

✓  broadly the news is good

✓  it might also bode well for the June numbers which will start to become available next week.

Our basis for comparison is May on April. A step at a time; 2019 comparisons are not just premature, they are probably a trifle unhelpful.

North America

There is good news from the USA but not from Canada. The American international market has been the fastest to recover and it is still going strong. In May:

✓  departures and arrivals exceeded 6 million and

✓  was up by almost 9% points on April

✓  June numbers will be in next week and are likely to be showing a broadly comparable rate of increase.

Latin America

Mexico is by far and away the most important market in the region.

✓  substantially ahead of last month and within sight of of 2019 passenger levels; on this occasion the comparison is a helpful one

✓  traffic in the Latin America, the US leisure routes apart, is definitely intra-regional; it could hardly be otherwiseand

✓  Mexico apart, the recovery process is only just beginning.

Middle East

May was a bad month in the region:

✓  Israel was an exception and while many airports are traditionally slow to report

✓  there is no escaping the downward blip

✓  both India and tourism inbound generally had roles to play

✓  the UA was off by over a third


Africa is altogether different

✓  Tunisia is the immediate beneficiary of returning tourists but is still

✓  lagging behind Egypt which had a quieter growth month in May

✓  elsewhere the picture is patchy and country sample sizes are still small


There are strong points, encouragingly strong:

✓  Macau is up but arrivals by air tell only a fraction of the story: road is the great mover

✓  South Korea is positive with 13 reporting airports

✓  of less lasting impact are the Australia and New Zealand increases while

✓  the numbers from India come as no surprise


Last in this analysis but certainly not least

✓  represent the top countries for May with a singe anomaly in the slight Turkish decline

✓  while AYT is roaring ahead, IST is not

✓  Germany leads but does not dominate and early reports indicate further strong growth in June

✓  Spain benefits from Germany while

✓  the UK, ahead by 16% in the month, is hardly firing at all.