Summer In Europe: The Retailers To Watch

Summer in Europe: The Retailers to Watch

Summer in Europe: The Retailers to Watch

    Because anecdotal evidence of moves towards liberalisation of travel in Europe is growing daily, the question arises: which of the leading retailers are most likely to produce the sorts of volume growth needed by their suppliers?    
The benchmarks for this note, following last week’s summary analysis for Europe as a whole are:
     ✓    the top 10 retailers by product category    
     ✓    the peak months of July and August this year    
✓ the distribution map of retailer locations by terminal.

          The summary shows:    
     ✓    a huge spread in performance improvement ratios across the various companies driven, obviously, by outlet locations    
✓ Dufry, ever the market leader and with such a powerful position in leisure destinations comes out on top: read further for an explanation of those destinations in the target months
     ✓    Aer Rianta, although with just a fraction of Dufry’s market penetration in this area, is set to benefit substantially as is    
     ✓    Heinemann, ranked #2 and half the size of Dufry in passenger reach terms, will see its passenger footfall climb by 40% points over 2020    
     ✓    Lagardere is something entirely different.

The full retailer data can be accessed in the RetailReach module.  Log in to your Air4casts client site now to check out the retailer detail for this summer 2021.



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